Our staff is qualified and trained, so that is possible to allow the execution of manual operations. These opertions require attention and skills which the generic cooperatives are not able to perform with good precision.
Features Size
  • Format cm. 4x4 up to cm. 23x30
  • Thickness exceeding 4/5 cm max.
  • We study solutions for special working

7 enveloping flowpack with three welding in the Clean Room

It is possible to use materials such as PET, polypropylene or coupling of polythene paper, polythene aluminum paper, neutral or printed

1 automatic line for thermoshrinking

CRYOVAC simple or polyoleifine, sleever application.

14 semi-automatic lines

For the application with permanent or removable hot glue on the flyer and marks of small brochure, postcards, cosmetic sample bags, cards and more

25 torchietti

(gola 10 cm) per applicare rivetti ed occhielli  su dischi orari, mazzette colori, borse e quant’altro.

4 automatic / semi automatic lines

for product labelling

15 dispenser

for the application of double sided adhesive tapes

2 semi-automatic thermoshrinking lines

with indelible ink

  • marking of production batch directly on flowpack
  • marking of expiry date on paper goods or cosmetic products or other (for example: indications in Arabic for export throughout the Middle East, symbols, marks and more)